Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tiny Happiness

Tiny Happiness

The hustle and bustle, you’re unconsciously lurching
The angels may touch you but you ignore them while searching
Looking for nothing….. In particular
Your focus is determined, machinelike and vehicular
Your mind is flooded with images of unfounded queries
Instead of investigating, you simply accept these theories
Your dreams are shaded in hues of monochromatic
Your colors have faded; you are now less dramatic
You’ve been downgraded but you’re still emphatic and erratic
Where is this happiness that was promised in abundance?
Habitual crappiness is becoming redundant
And the smell is so pungent
Your inner voice is permanently stunted
Like growth that no longer spurts
Your mind is irreversibly cursed, so selfish; me first
Happiness is tiny, minute; often overlooked
You assumed it’d be shiny, astute an open book
Sometimes happiness dwells deep within
Not outwardly shining
Heed my advice, as you begin introspectively climbing

Fallen Canary (For Whitney Houston)

Your voice was contrary to your physical being
It was a treasure beyond extraordinary means
You were the canary who sang in people’s dreams
You were the canary who knew how to sing
You had a talent that only a canary could carry
Gliding in the skies only landing when necessary
The notes that you carried, could be confused with fairies
You stumbled during flight and your landings were scary
We waited for the return of our legendary canary
Waited days, months slowly feeling weary
You were the canary who enraptured our attention
Sailing through the skies, singing wonderfully without redemption
You were our winged beauty, occasionally stopping to rest
Before soaring again, stretching your vocal cords
And Lord knows how they flexed
Keeping us captivated, in awe, baited breath
Then one day without warning, you abruptly left
Transcending out of your flesh
Your wings are now shimmer flecked
Still singing like a harp being strummed ever so softly
You’re now an angelic being, beyond the skies living lofty
Worldly actions for you were costly
We do miss you dearly
Forever in our hearts; our canary

Invisible Admirer

He’s considered a lurker, eavesdropping on my echoes
Memorizing my words, a sexy grinned smirker
Indexing my reflections, just a text book flirter
I see his hushed shadows
Peeked through his brash
Heart shaped lips, leaking Freudian slips
Then he grasps invisibly around my hips
I can’t break his imaginary grip
I whispered in his ear my one wish…
Charms working like a comfortable saddle
He coaxed me up his stream without a paddle
Soothing words and gazing eyes were used as his shrapnel
Permanently haunting my daydreams like a tattoo
Such an excellent listener
Hope that translates into an extraordinary kisser
Spiraling into my life like a powerful twister
I can no longer ignore you, Mr.
Mr. Admirer, words billow from your mouth like a choir
Gripping my pillow, chockfull of desire, take me …..control me
Be my vampire
Masquerading in silhouette, to the naked eye, we have already met
But that is still a dream, not a possibility yet.

Life of My Party

Dissected wardrobe, my closet’s a blur
Nothing stands out, nothing’s superb
To wear to our shindig, that’s starting at nine
But inside I’m rockets and missiles
Finger nails polished, not my favorite thing
I hate the smell and sometimes it stains
Those facts are ignored as I lint brush my skirt
Wearing the best threads my money could afford
My pockets slightly hurt
Will he notice how painstakingly I prepped?
Flower lotus bomb waiting on his steps?
He ignites my internal nuclear thermal
Electrocuting nerve ends
Turning on the lights
At my party.

Queen of Clouds

They gather around; timidly peeking
For a glimpse of her crown
Is it resting high and round?
Or disheveled, leaning down?
What is her mood this evening?
Quiet and collected?
Or is she restless…. agitated…seething?
The Queen is discernible
But the clouds are in varying hues of grey
Is the Queen feeling vulnerable?
Prepping for a watery display?
Of ash colored clouds and torrential rains
Thunder clapping so loud, children hides in disdain
We truly don’t know, but just in case she puts on a show
Our umbrellas are handy….since she’s the consummate dandy
Swaying either way, dainty and pretty
Then gruff and gritty the following day
The Queen is complex, cunning and shrewd
Wears her heart on her sleeve
She’s emotionally nude
So it’s best not to be rude
She induces clouds that smother the sun out of the skies
Such a passionate lover, puppeteering the rain as her cries
Down pouring for days on end, just to stop and start the cycle all over again
Our harvests will suffer because of the folly of men
Who chose not to love her or shunned her affections
The Queen of Clouds doesn’t respond well to rejections
She’ll take away the sun and cloak the skies in greys
Like the beating of a drum, her thunder echoes down like caves
She frowns upon being betrayed or being a pawn in a charade
Just leave her alone, so we can see better days