Friday, June 1, 2012


No more illusions, you’re definitely not a mirage
No more wolves in sheep’s clothing
The door was closing when you arrived
We live parallel lives but predicting alternate tastes
I’m on your carousel ride; Zen reins our mind states
You sedated my worries, I am no longer anxious
We fell in love in a hurry but our whole future awaits us
So I leapt off the ledge, descending full throttle
While violins play in my head; cuz no one loves you like I do
My heart was once hidden but you located a path
My trust, unforgiving but you unbroken the glass
The heights that I’d climb, just to get to your mountain
They say love takes its time but I must drink from your fountain
To merely sip your elixir…….just to bask in your presence
Taste your love like its liquor, a drunken stupor of reverence
These are the heights that my soul soars for you
Letting go of the frights just believing love is true.

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