Friday, June 1, 2012

Clearer Mirror

I am the hamster rolling along the proverbial circle
 Burning energy, reds, fuchsias, oranges and purples
My future is a light bulb lit on fire with ambition
A hovering halo, self imposed life sentence
The ladder to success is stymied by cumulus clouds
Someway somehow, I’ve got to pierce the veil beyond the shroud
I don’t want to talk….and definitely don’t want to listen
Avoiding, evading
Ducking the limelight, blissfully fading
Sporadically caring….it sputters, turning grey
Feelings might return, if they have something
Witty to say
 St. Augustine and Aristotle like to argue in my mind
Not sure why they do, since both are anointed and divine
I’d rather they’d recline and just sip some vintage wines
Not revisiting ancient crimes that have altered mankind……..
I live in my mind and my mind is where I live
But you don’t understand me, scratch your head from what I’ve said
My mirror reflects a question mark, a distorted image, a lifeless spark
Self esteem waving hi to a familiar face underneath the guise
I wipe the mirror back and forth
Searching for myself within the fog
Where’s my ambition lit by torch?
It’s somewhere congested, stifled, clogged
Then I remembered that the mirror has two faces
Like the Gemini that I am, with one mind sharing spaces
My appetite renders tasteless as I wander with slower paces
Destination unknown, dropping the mirror to tie my laces.

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