Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fallen Canary (For Whitney Houston)

Your voice was contrary to your physical being
It was a treasure beyond extraordinary means
You were the canary who sang in people’s dreams
You were the canary who knew how to sing
You had a talent that only a canary could carry
Gliding in the skies only landing when necessary
The notes that you carried, could be confused with fairies
You stumbled during flight and your landings were scary
We waited for the return of our legendary canary
Waited days, months slowly feeling weary
You were the canary who enraptured our attention
Sailing through the skies, singing wonderfully without redemption
You were our winged beauty, occasionally stopping to rest
Before soaring again, stretching your vocal cords
And Lord knows how they flexed
Keeping us captivated, in awe, baited breath
Then one day without warning, you abruptly left
Transcending out of your flesh
Your wings are now shimmer flecked
Still singing like a harp being strummed ever so softly
You’re now an angelic being, beyond the skies living lofty
Worldly actions for you were costly
We do miss you dearly
Forever in our hearts; our canary

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