Sunday, December 2, 2012

Invisible Admirer

He’s considered a lurker, eavesdropping on my echoes
Memorizing my words, a sexy grinned smirker
Indexing my reflections, just a text book flirter
I see his hushed shadows
Peeked through his brash
Heart shaped lips, leaking Freudian slips
Then he grasps invisibly around my hips
I can’t break his imaginary grip
I whispered in his ear my one wish…
Charms working like a comfortable saddle
He coaxed me up his stream without a paddle
Soothing words and gazing eyes were used as his shrapnel
Permanently haunting my daydreams like a tattoo
Such an excellent listener
Hope that translates into an extraordinary kisser
Spiraling into my life like a powerful twister
I can no longer ignore you, Mr.
Mr. Admirer, words billow from your mouth like a choir
Gripping my pillow, chockfull of desire, take me …..control me
Be my vampire
Masquerading in silhouette, to the naked eye, we have already met
But that is still a dream, not a possibility yet.

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