Friday, November 18, 2011

Throwing Gauntlets

Spirals of recollections are spinning through my brain
I put my thoughts in different sections
But they still spell out your name
I point then you point, I object your every word
To understand it from my viewpoint, to you it seems absurd
Your voice can carry loudly, as if firecrackers are going off
My feelings are getting cloudy; the bright sunshine is getting sparse
Throwing heavy gauntlets they’re caving through my soul
Wondering…. do I really want this? New love, that’s quickly turning old?
Depression is your best friend; you understand it in many ways
Now it’s time I should step in… to pull you out your negative daze
Throwing heavy gauntlets, the kind that scrapes at your core
Wondering …do I really want this? New love, that’s letting out its roar?
I crawl across your battlefield bruised and feeling weak
Not sure how much my heart can shield or control its fragile beat
Throwing heavy gauntlets aiming at my chest, asking, do I really want this?
Maybe we should give it a rest.

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