Friday, November 18, 2011

Fading Flower

When the sun was at its peak
And the clouds were all dispersed
You stole my heart just like a thief would steal an elderly woman’s purse
I gifted you my flower while my petals were in full bloom
But you overwhelmed me with power
Stopping the sun from reaching the room
My flower was happy and healthy, gently swaying in the wind
Until your fingers came along and plucked me
Instead of caressing, you made me bend
But my flower still had some dignity
I hoisted myself into the sky
Despite the arrogant seeds that you dropped in me
I still found the oxygen I need to survive
I was an innocent flower
Looking pretty and modest and such
But you smothered me with rain showers
Destroying my roots, it was just too much
Now I’m just a fading flower
Half alive but not quite dead
My petals are wilting by the hour
From the harsh words that you said
The beautiful thing about being a flower
Is that next spring I will grow again…..

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