Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Erase Me

Release me from your thoughts, slowly rewind me out of your life
I’d gladly cover all costs… I’m only asking that you do what’s right
Eradicate my trace and burn me from your memory
Forget the outline of my face, think of me as a bitter enemy
Whenever we’re together; my heart beats in lullabies
We transcend into a single sphere then morph into butterflies
And together we shed our fears… promising each other just one more try
Then rose petals descend like rain, critiques of your shortcomings
Begin to wane….
I forget all your past transgressions, and once again you’re my ball and chain
This is why you must erase me
And have no repentance on my existence
Even pretend that you hate me…. make eternal banishment my sentence
Please unravel our entangled heart strings, reduce the radar on your love’s wide range
I know this all sounds quite strange….. But erase me
Just find another to replace me.

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