Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aftermath Fiasco

Simple enough, very straight forward…. it’s a no brainer
We conspired to break our lust out of its stifling container
Your derogatory ways
 Persuaded my body into a purgatorious daze
So the day finally came… literally
 I finally realized an epiphany
When the soundtrack of our lust played vividly
Your sweat beads glisten all glittery
 But then the water balloon bust wide open
Word got around about our touching and groping
But our neatly laid plans made months in advance
Very meticulously…never in an avalanche
Were broken like a lightning struck branch
I was shocked out of my lust filled trance
Fuck, I might not get a second chance
But it’s the aftermath, the happenings afterwards
That leave me ass backwards, wanting to recalibrate my words
Now the Well is poisoned too many chemicals and whispers
Nosy neighbors and their sisters…. I wish they all break out in blisters….