Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Share

Let’s strategize and divide him
Get the hard stuff out the way
Let’s not scrutinize or chide him
We need to figure out our days…
You can have his heart
And I’ll control his soul
You’re getting his most vulnerable part
 But at least his soul, I can still mold
His eyes remain with me
And I’ll begrudgingly give you his lips
We’ll invite you over for tea
.... I’ll look away when you give him a kiss
You can have his chest
And I will take his shoulders
We’ll quarrel over his flesh
Because his skin feels like butter when smoldered
Since I have his soul, it’s only right that I keep his mind
You might think I am cold, but you get his face
And the nigga is fine
I don’t care about his outer
You can actually have all his physical features
Because his personality screams louder
Than a blown out house party speaker
They say that women are catty
And can never agree on a plan
But us two women are a bit batty and
Happen to love the same exact man
I won’t hold that against you
And I hope that you won’t either
Our feelings are placed in full view
And our man is the special guest speaker
We are just his zombies and we follow his every command
He's standing right beside me and you have his other hand.

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