Friday, July 15, 2011


Feelings are simple things with simple needs, very similar to plants or flowers
It takes time and patience to grow them but some instances, they sprang up from nowhere
And sometimes even with your best effort they don’t grow at all
But in most circumstances if you nurture and feed them
With the right blend of timing and attention feelings will grow
And sprout long tentacles that envelope your thought process
They can grow so heavy that they lean on your cerebral cortex
Making you believe things you once thought was impossible
Feelings don’t care who feeds them, they don’t care who nurtures them either
They do their own thing with no rhyme or reason
Unlike flowers or plants that come with instructions, feelings don’t come with any directions
And even if they did come with a manual that you read carefully from front to back
There’s still a good chance that those feelings can betray you like a loyal pet
Feelings can spurn, manipulate or soothe you
 Depending on the person they decide to permeate
Similar to a rose, feelings can be beautiful but with thorns that prick when they decide to leave you
Feelings don’t care about wrong or right, they just grow wherever they see fit
And if you’re lucky enough, they will grow for somebody worth loving

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